At CONTAQUE™, We believe in supplying a wide range of Contact Center Solutions with Predictive dialing , Reporting, Digital voice recording , Automatic call distribution(ACD) and IVR.

“We value your efforts, time and money and therefore ensure that you get the finest of the services choosing us. Combining the latest technology and experienced professionals, We strive to deliver solutions that go beyond excellence.”

Today CONTAQUE™ running in many industries like Teleshopping, Telemarketing, Telesurvey, Education, Insurance, Travel, Banking, BPO, Healthcare and Astrology. It has been successfully installed in these areas.These areas got 100% call center solutions from CONTAQUE™.

Company has successfully ventured into Predictive dialer solutions in past 10 year and has deployed more than 800 plus International and Domestic center. Call Centre Solution is implemented for Inbound/Outbound, ACD and Predictive dialing for Domestic / International call centers . Voice blasting processes andintelligent call routing has an answer to all complex queries which a customer might come up with.

“After successful installation of old versions CONTAQUE™ we has released its latest versions CONTAQUE™ NGUCC and CONTAQUE™ NV.”

CONTAQUE™ NGUCC is a highly reliable and flexible call center solution which embraces internet and open source technology that seamlessly integrates with your existing voice and data systems – VoIP / TDM/ PRI/GSM/PSTN.

CONTAQUE™ NV is targeted at higher end outbound Contact Centers and has lots of new features.

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Emanagins :

Emanagins is a management software developed for Student Information System for Institutions, Teachers, Students and Parents.
It is built on an extremely elaborated platform incorporating the cloud concept and latest web server technologies. Emanagins is a multidimensional ERP solution for Institutions.


Emanagins Concept :

Now a day, information technology is fast influencing how business is done and the user friendly environment in which anyone can do it. Transactions are now carried out globally without any need of contact. However it is still a tender point to look how many businesses refuse to take advantage of this evolving trend in information technology.

Moreover a need to catch up with the rest of the world in information technology means providing or employing an educational structure that leverages on information technology. A solution that leverages information technology such as Emanagins is the perfect fit for this purpose. The solution combines normal day to day educational working with real world computer mediated to faster an effective management and support solution. It does not aim to discard your current activities but instead enhance it by providing a total centralizes solution. Having a management solution is wondrous but other aspects of an institution, such as student records, school fee, payment, performance, notification and a host of other school processes are still being done by the institutions or teachers in separate entities. Thus, for any institution that wants to compete favourably in the future automating all these processes and more will be highest on their priority list can be managed by the Emanagins. The Solution from Emanagins system is introduced to your use as a complete package meant to take care of your institutional needs from aiding in smooth administration to effective day to day activities.

Emanagins is a pioneering effort, which is known for excellence and commitment to deliver unique and world class solutions. Emanagins is aimed at automating the entire institutional process coupled with providing a sound information technology solution.

We handpick each of our team members ensuring that they are well versed in the latest as well as conventional technologies and demonstrate passion to perform their best and achieve excellence in whatever they do. AVISSOL takes pride in being driven by young and dynamic professionals with notable educational and working backgrounds.

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