Team Profile

Management Team:

Avneesh Mathur :

Avneesh cofounded AVISSOL in 2005 and has been leading the company since then. With his strong business acumen, extraordinary management capabilities and vast experience in the areas of Technology, Sales and Marketing, Finance and Management, Customer Service and Technology Consulting, He has brought this new establishment to its current status.

Starting at quite a young age, He has an extraordinary track record of founding and promoting the technology start ups. From having rich experience in Business Development, Finance and Operations to being the founder and promoter of an INR 300 billion firm, Systems Integration and Services, Avneesh has served many top-notch organizations including DCM Data Systems, ICIM, IDM, IT &T/Progressive Info Tech.

With an experience of more than 25 years in various fields, He has developed an in-depth understanding of ever changing IT and business environments. He believes in the philosophy of ‘Do it Right’, ‘Maintain Quality’ and ‘Surpass Clients’ Expectations’.

Besides being the Cofounder and Director of AVISSOL, Avneesh has also been appointed as an Advisory Board Member of Amity International School of Business and GNIT Group of Institutions. Because of his deep understanding of company management and excellent leadership qualities, He is able to devise and implement the strategies to take an organization to the next level. He exhibits the competence of encouraging his team members to perform their best and adding the finest talent to the family.

Abhay Gupta :

Cofounded AVISSOL, Abhay has an extensive experience in the field of Technology and communications. An engineer and a management graduate, He has worked with many organizations of repute in Technology/Telecommunication sector such as HCL Technologies and Tata Telecom. He has also headed the department of technology at Flex Contact Centers.

With over 17 years of experience, Abhay has a strong hold in various fields including installation and integration of Technology products and applications, customer services, corporate Planning, Technology, Consulting and Company Management. At AVISSOL, He spearheads the Technology, R&D and Software divisions striving for excellence and exceeding customer expectations. Because of his in-depth understanding of Technology and passion to achieve excellence, He is the driving force for the team members to perform their best.

Technical Team :

Our Technical Team is our greatest asset. At AVISSOL, We firmly believe that the success of an organization depends upon the quality, experience, passion and attitude of people associated with it.

Our ability to deliver Quality Telecom Products and Software Solutions surpassing clients expectations is the result of our technical team’s extensive experience, upgraded skills and dedication to ensure quality. Our team consists of highly qualified and competent IT professionals including technology consultants, software developers, product engineers, quality testing engineering, software designers, programmers and of course project managers.

We handpick each of our team members ensuring that they are well versed in the latest as well as conventional technologies and demonstrate passion to perform their best and achieve excellence in whatever they do. AVISSOL takes pride in being driven by young and dynamic professionals with notable educational and working backgrounds.

Our Technical Competencies Include :

  • Asterisk Development and Maintenance
  • CRM
  • Enterprise Applications Integration
  • Mobile Applications
  • Network Management 
  • Web Enabled / Client Server 
  • ERP Solution

AVISSOL specializes in :

  • Programming Language : .NET, C++, C, VC++, Java, J2EE, PHP, Node.js
  • Mobile Computing : CODE WARRIOR, Embedded VB, Embedded VC++ (3.0, 4.0), Visual Studio .NET 2003(VB.NET, C#), GPRS/GSM, J2ME/CLDC/MIDP, WML
  • Operating Systems : Windows (XP, Vista, 2000, 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8.0, Windows 8.1, Windows 10), LINUX, Solaris, MAC OSX, FREE BSD
  • Database : MYSQL, Oracle/Oracle DBA, DB2, INTERBASE/INGRESS, PGSQL
  • Application Servers : .NET Framework, ENHYDRA, MTS, WEBLOGIC, WEBSPHERE, Oracle APP Server, MS Commerce Server, Cold Fusion MX
  • Web Technology : APACHE-APP, ASP, ASP.NET, CFML, Delphi, ISS-APP, JavaScript, Java Web Server-APP, JRUN, JSP, OSGI, PERL, PHP, SERVLETS, TOMCAT, VB Script, Velocity, XML, XSL, Web Services

Selection of Technology Professionals :

AVISSOL follows a stringent selection process to pick the best resources. We are keen in hiring fresh as well as experienced individuals. Candidates are shortlisted on the basis of their qualifications, work experience and ability to innovate.

When We hire fresh college grads, we conduct a written test followed by personal interview. This is done to ensure that they are technically sound and demonstrate the passion to put in their best when they are exposed to the world of work. The founders as well as core management team also look forward to add the best industry talent to their team at any given time. The selection of experienced IT professionals depends upon their practical work experience and ability to deploy a particular technology.

Innovation is the core value and surpassing clients’ expectations is a culture at AVISSOL. We are a close-knit organization that lays emphasis on working together while maintaining the individual identity of the professionals.