Quality Policy

Quality, accuracy and transparency are the greatest concerns at AVISSOL. We have always taken a strong and unbending stand when it comes to quality. Our well defined quality management system includes a range of engineering, testing and managerial processes that ensure the superiority of products and services delivered.
At AVISSOL, we are committed to conform to the globally accepted quality standards during all phases of product development life cycle. Over a period of time, we have developed a strong and uncompromising culture of exceeding client’s expectations.

Objectives of AVISSOL Quality Management Policy :

  • Implementation of processes and procedures for application development in view of the best industry practices.
  • Compliance with the decided guidelines at every stage of product development.
  • Authentication and confirmation of product quality and functionality in correspondence with the client’s needs.
  • Setting up of a successful alliance between deliverables and client’s expectations.

AVISSOL has assembled a huge team of qualified and experienced quality testing and assurance professionals. The division is entirely different from software development department and is thus, capable of offering unbiased assistance.

Activities Undertaken by Quality Testing Professionals :

  • Review of programming codes and documents
  • Tracking of defects, generally called bugs
  • Full cycle quality assurance testing
  • Operating system compatibility
  • Browser compatibility
  • HTML and CSS validation
  • Configuration management
  • Process monitoring
  • Bug and version control

Besides this, AVISSOL ensures simultaneous quality assurance throughout the software development life cycle right from the initial stage of requirement analysis to the last stage of user adaptability testing. This helps in better understanding of the scope and feasibility of the process and delivering the final product that surpasses client’s expectations.

Phases of Quality Assurance Life Cycle at AVISSOL :

  • Project Development Planning
  • Study of Project Specifications
  • Determination of feasibility
  • Determining appropriate testing methodologies and techniques
  • Elaborating test plans
  • Initial Testing
  • Regular testing at various stages of project development
  • Final Testing
  • Identifying the gap between the final product and client requirements
  • Checking codes, performance, navigation, browser independence and speed
  • Identifying and resolving bugs and errors
  • User adaptability testing

Quality Testing Techniques/Types Used at AVISSOL :

  • Performance testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Manual testing
  • Automated testing
  • GUI, accessibility and usability testing
  • Installation/ configuration and system integration testing
  • Functional and regression testing
  • User acceptance testing